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Are My Windows Energy-Efficient?

Are My Windows Energy-Efficient?

Energy usage has grown to become a big concern for many landlords and homeowners in the United Kingdom, especially in a post-lockdown society where saving money is critical.

Installing a smart metre is a good starting point, but among the most pragmatic things, one area you can look at to minimise energy and heat loss is your windows!

It’s projected that around 25% of all energy loss in a household happens through its windows. So, although having new windows fitted may appear like a substantial initial cost, it has the potential of saving you a small fortune over time.

But what tell-tale signs should you be looking out to understand if, or not, your windows are energy efficient or require replacement?

Do Your Windows Open And Shut Correctly?

Let’s begin with the most evident signs. If your windows are difficult and stiff to open or shut effectively, then it may be an issue that a squirt of WD40 cannot fix. If you’re having a hard time closing your windows, then the chances are, you’ll be losing a lot of energy.

Your windows can get stiff for various reasons – over time, the hinges could have rusted, changing weather over time may have resulted in the expansion of materials causing ‘sticky’ windows, or the overall house structure may have changed.

Can You Hear External Noise And Is Coming From Your Windows?   

Other than single glazed windows being less energy efficient than their triple or double glazed counterparts, they also permit more noise.

Have you noticed the traffic outside more than usual, or have you been hearing your neighbour’s lawnmower when all your windows are shut? This may be an indication you need to upgrade to triple or double glazing, or that there are gaps in the windows seals.  

Can You Feel A Draft Through Your Windows?

Naturally, there are rooms in your house that will be colder compared to others. However, in the rooms where it’s especially frosty, even with the heating on, feel the windows.

If your hands feel a draft permeating through the windows, even when fully shut, then it could be an indication that either the weatherstripping or windows are damaged.

If the weatherstripping is damaged, the solution can simply be replacing the old, cracked and discoloured weatherstripping with new. If the windows are damaged, then the chances are that it is a more fundamental issue.

Is There Mould And Moisture Buildup Around The Windows?

Old windows generally age by discolouration and buildup of moisture between the panels. This ageing process occurs mostly due to older windows losing their ability to stop moisture.

The buildup of water will eventually result to mould, and when you spot your first hint of mould, that’s when your windows will need to be replaced.

Have Your Energy Bills Recently Increased Compared To the Same Time Last Year?

It’s not necessarily that your old windows are the main reason your monthly energy bills have increased. However, if any of the above factors apply to you, they’re bound to play a role.

Try to compare the energy bills you incur every month to those of your previous years or your neighbour’s bills. If your energy consumption has significantly increased, then there’s a good chance your windows play a significant role in your house’s overall inefficiency.

If you need help understanding how new windows can help reduce your home’s energy efficiency, contact us at Fenster Glazing in Milton Keynes

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