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Choosing The Right Colour For Your Front Door

Choosing The Right Colour For Your Front Door

Choosing the best front door colour will make your house look unique and stand out from the rest of the homes within your street.  

Furthermore, Choosing the front door colour that suits your personality can complement your home.

We know how difficult it is to choose your front door colour. Therefore we have provided this article to help you.

Choose A Colour That Makes You Happy

Don’t choose a colour that is the same as every other house down your street. With so many front door colours to choose from, you can select a colour that makes you feel happy every time you return to your home, especially after hard workdays.

Be outrageous and playful with bright colours to catch people’s attention as they drive past your house.

Take a moment to think about your taste. Are there any colours in your home that would complement the colour of your front door? What’s your favourite colour? It sounds crazy to paint your front door your favourite colour, but depending on the colour of the inside of your home, it’s a great way to complement your home’s colour scheme.

Choose A Colour To Match Your Personality


The colour green tells people that you are conscious about nature and the ecosystem and is very traditional. It’s also a colour that relates to natural surroundings instead of making such a bold statement.


Orange may seem brighter for some people, but it’s a popular choice as it provides warmth and is very inviting into the home.

Many restaurants choose the colour orange as psychologically it can make you feel hungry, so if you prefer orange for your front door, be sure to stock up with food.


Grey can be a bit on the drab side for some people, but it’s becoming a popular colour choice for the front door.

Grey provides sophistication, a touch reserved but very stylish.


White provides a calming and pure influence, and while a neutral colour, provides a very clean and tidy look.


Black is a popular colour of choice as it provides sophistication and works very well with many different colours.

Take Inspiration From A Colour Wheel

Using a colour wheel enables you to look at all the different colours and shades for your front door.

The colour wheel also provides other colours that complement each other to enable you to find different colour combinations that not only suit your front door but also suit other areas of your home exterior.

Add More Colour To Your Home

If you live in a relatively bland neutral looking home, you have a lot of freedom to choose a brighter outrageous colour for your front door.

Many homeowners throughout the UK are going for brighter coloured front doors. Whether you are looking for a vibrant red or a bright blue, bright colours can make your home stand out within your neighbourhood.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Traditional

If your home is more traditional, a deeper colour, such as a darker blue or black, may be more appropriate.

If you’re still unsure which colour front door to choose for your traditional or heritage home, selecting a neutral colour such as grey, brown or black will remain on trend for many years to come.

Be Natural In Your Surroundings

If you’re still struggling to find the perfect colour for your front door, after looking at many many colours, then choose a colour that matches your home surroundings. These are more natural colours like browns, blues and greens that all work together to make your home blend into its surroundings.

I hope this article has helped in choosing the right colour for your new front door. If you need any help, please do contact us at Fenster Glazing doors Milton Keynes.

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