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Choosing The Right Front Door For Your Home

Choosing The Right Front Door For Your Home

When somebody looks at your home, one of the first things they see, and generally comments on, is your front door. Your front door style provides a great impression of your home and your personality with a custom-designed door.

Choosing the right front door sets the standards for security, energy efficiency, noise and light levels throughout your home.

Designing A Custom Front Door

When designing your new front door to your home, there are several choices, whether the door provides a contrast to the rest of the house or complements the general style throughout the property.

Today, there are many choices available in the door material, fixtures and fittings, glazing, door colour and design, all providing an important part.

If you have doubt about the type of front door design for your home, design your front door to complement the current property style.  

Contrasting your front door design with the rest of your home can look fantastic carried out in a fairly subtle way.

If you’re struggling with the general design, work with an experienced front door company with good design service and advice to produce the perfect design for your home.

Tidy Up The Front Door Entrance

Don’t just replace the front door, but ensure that your homes front door entrance provides the same impression as the front door itself, whether that’s inside or outside.

Within your porch area, you may be able to move the front door forward to create more space inside your home with a bigger hallway.

Take a drive around and look at some of the front doors within your neighbourhood and the local area. 

Take a note of the doors that are appealing and look fantastic that’s fitted to a house that is similar in design to yours. If you’re feeling cheeky, knock on the front door and ask the residents a few questions about their front door, design, and decision-making process.

Choosing The Best Front Door Material

When you start looking around, you will realise the different colours and materials available to choose from.  

UPVC and composite doors provide the most extensive options, with many benefits, such as low maintenance, high security, and extremely energy efficiency.

If you’re looking for an authentic wood look but with minimal maintenance, look for composite doors.  

Composite doors are highly customisable and provide the benefits of both a UPVC door and a solid wood door.

Solid wood doors have a great look and feel when they’re first installed and are very traditional, but they are high maintenance. They don’t compare insecurity or energy efficiency against UPVC or composite doors.

Wooden doors need to be painted or varnished periodically to keep them maintained, and over time they can be susceptible to change in shape, increasing drafts and sticking.

Add Glazing To Your Door

Adding glass panels to your front door design can significantly change your front entrance’s look and feel both inside and out.  

From the outside, glass panels provide a warmer feel and look more inviting, while from the inside, they offer more light into the property.

There are many different types and styles of glass panels, whether patterned, frosted or tinted, in a double glazed or triple-glazed structure.

Ensure that your front door and glass panels adhere to the latest British standards, including thermal efficiency, security and safety characteristics.

Choosing the right glass panels for your front door provides a unique look and feel to your property.

Fixtures And Fittings

There are many different types of fixtures and fittings available to add to your new front door, depending on the design you choose

Whether that’s different styles and sizes of door knobs and knockers, a letterbox installed within the door, outside the door or to the side of the door, draught strips, hinges and locks.

Improve Your Home Security

As door technology and construction have evolved over several years, security has advanced, where a good quality new front door can significantly improve your home’s security.

Ensure that your new front door includes multipoint deadlocks and meets at the very least the British standards PAS24 and that the locks conform to British standard 3621.

If you choose not to include glass in your front door, you can add a spy hole to see whose at your front door before opening it.

Energy And Thermal Efficiency – Keeping The Heat In

A good quality front door that is well fitted will significantly help to keep the heat in your house and save you money, as advised by FENSA, along with reducing any outside noise into the home.

Doors need to meet specific performance standards set out by the U.K.’s government’s commitment to improve energy efficiency.

With a thermally efficient door, your home will feel cooler in the summer but well insulated and warmer in the winter.

What Is The Cost Of A New Front Door?

It’s important that you treat the new front door’s cost as an investment for your home, and over time you will see a significant return on your investment.

You do get what you pay for, therefore a cheap front door will use lower quality materials, manufacturing techniques and installation, which will significantly affect the performance, security and longevity over time.

To understand all the benefits of a good quality front door, speak to an expert door installer to fully understand your investment costs.

Do I Get A Guarantee With My New Front Door

When selecting your front door installer, ensure you receive a ten-year guarantee.  

Also, ensure you carry out your due diligence on the installer to ensure they have good reviews and testimonials and good customer service to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues.

Making The Final Decision To Buy Your Front Door

Before you make your final decision, talk to a number of door installers and door companies to get the design and quality right for your home.

We are Fenster Glazing, specialise in the supply and installation of front doors for residential properties in Milton Keynes.  

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your new front door.

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