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Why You Should Consider Composite Doors For Your Home

Why You Should Consider Composite Doors For Your Home

Homeowners interested in upgrading the back or front door should consider investing in composite doors with their many benefits.

Below, we are going to explain more about composite doors, how they are made and discuss the benefits:

What Is A Composite Door?

A Composite door is a relatively new construction used in homes that has many advantages.

Composite doors have been designed to take into consideration flaws that are often common with singular material doors.

Composite is combining different materials, which can provide many benefits, making composite doors so effective.

One of the many advantages is resistant to weathering and not being affected by seasonal changes.

They also have high thermal resistance, something that wooden doors often do not have as there is no insulating foam inside the wooden door itself.

What Are Composite Doors Made Of And How Are They Made?

The syle of composite door determines the manufacturing process, but typically the following is the primary process:

The outside of a composite door is a 2mm layer of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP material), known as Fibreglass.

Fibreglass is used in the hull of boats as it can be easily moulded, is waterproof and extremely tough and durable. Fibreglass can also produce the wood effect, making the door look like a wooden door. 

GRP panels are fused onto the UPVC internal door frame. Inside of that is a hardwood frame, creating a double frame effect, creating an extremely rigid and stable.

Thermal polyurethane foam is then injected and expands to fill all of the inner door space to provide excellent heat retaining insulation properties, increasing the doors energy efficiency. Alternatively, the door’s core can be made from solid timber.

The doors outer frame is made from a thick UPVC and steel reinforced to provide a very secure construction.

The door then goes through a manual process of fitting the windows and letterbox and any other door furniture.

The Benefits Of Composite Doors

Investing in composite doors does come with a lot of advantages. Here are some of the benefits and key features of buying composite doors.

Comparing Composite Doors To Wooden Doors

The first key benefit of investing in a composite door, instead of a wooden door, is that a composite door generally lasts longer and requires low maintenance than wooden doors.

Composite doors always maintain that new look, while wooden doors tend to look outdated, especially when the paint starts to dull or chip off, reducing wooden doors’ ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, when it comes to the pricing of these two products, composite doors are priced higher, but they are worth the extra investment.

The Best Front Door For Security

One thing is for sure, composite doors provide more safety and security than wooden doors. That is because composite doors have extra reinforced materials making them stronger and more durable. Composite doors are considered to be the most secure doors in the market.

Besides, being durable and robust, they also have a unique locking mechanism. These doors are designed to prevent unwanted intruders from accessing your home.

Doors With Style And Durability

As we now know, composite doors promote sustainability, are secure, and require low maintenance, the next thing to consider is style and durability. 

Can we say that composite doors are durable and stylish?

Composite doors are available in a variety of styles and colours. These appearance options provide homeowners with an opportunity to customise their doors to suit their personal preferences and the look and feel of their homes.

Composite doors maintain their strength and longevity, along with providing great energy benefits.

Areas To Be Aware Of With Composite Doors

We’ve mentioned the many benefits of investing in composite doors, let’s touch on the areas to be aware of that need to be considered.

The Price Difference Between Composite Doors Compared To Other Doors

If you are on a budget, you need to be aware that a composite door is generally higher in price.

However, with all the benefits above, if you can stretch to buying composite doors, they really are an excellent investment in both looks, low maintenance, durability and security. You do get what you pay for.

If your budget is tight, or you prefer not to spend more than what you are willing to, you can consider investing in a UPVC door.

Do Composite Doors Fade Overtime?

As mentioned earlier, composite doors do not lose their look and only require little maintenance. That means you do not have to worry about your composite doors fading overtime.

The only time these doors can show fading signs is maybe after lasting for longer than they should, which composite doors can last up to thirty years.

How Long Will A Composite Door Last?

If taken good care of, a composite door can last for 30 years. That is the reason why these particular doors are popular and an excellent investment.

Is A Composite Door Better Than A Wooden Door?

After discussing both doors, we can clearly say yes, composite doors are much better than wooden doors. That is because they are durable, promote sustainability, and has customisable features.

Do Composite Doors Help To Keep The Warmth In The House?

Composite doors provide great energy benefits, which makes them great with promoting energy efficiency in the home. These doors are also 10% thicker compared to other doors that are sold in the market today.

Deciding on which door to buy is not easy. However, we hope this article has helped to answer any of your questions.

We believe you will make the right choice if you are happy to invest in the future and know what you want in design and style.

How Do You Maintain A Composite Door?

Keeping your door in the best possible condition is essential to maintain the door’s operation, but also, a clean front door makes the front of your home look clean.

Cleaning Your Composite Door

Door Leaf: Clean using a warm soapy water solution and wipe off with a soft dry cloth. Do not want to use any abrasive cleaners or materials, or use high-pressure cleaners, steam cleaners, adhesives, solvents, and certainly not bleach. 

Door Frame: Using soapy water on the doorframe. To remove tough stains, use a PVCu cleaner while following the door manufacturers guidelines. Be sure not to use any abrasive materials. 

External Glass: Clean with warm soapy water to get most of the dirt off and wipe off with a soft cloth. Complete with a household glass cleaner. For leaded glass, you may notice oxidisation overtime.

Handle, Letter Plates, Numbers, Spy Holes, Door Knockers: Clean with warm soapy solution with a touch of a very mild detergent to remove stubborn dirt.

Don’t use any solvents, abrasive products, and try to avoid scouring pads and metal polish on the door surface.

If there are rebates on the door, make sure they are dust-free and kept clean.

Composite Door Maintenance 

Hinges: Using engineering oil (preferably three and one) is the best way to lubricate every six months.

WD40 should be avoided to improve all of your moving parts, plus it dries out the surface very quickly when it comes into contact with them. 

Locks: Use a Teflon based lubricant every six months to keep the locks lubricated. 

Weatherseal (Gasket): 

When noticing the gaskets have come loose, slide them back into the available grooves. If they are broken or damaged, you need to contact us.

Why Choose A Composite Front Door?

The final decision to use a composite door is always going to be the choice of the homeowner. 

It depends on what you would like to have as a front door to your house, or your back door to open up your home into your home, then start to look at all of your options, such as making a checklist, as to what you like and whether or not you can afford it.

Composite doors do provide so many advantages and benefits, such as being low maintenance. In most cases, these doors will go far beyond the life expectancy of a standard door, lasting 30 years or more.

Another benefit of these doors is having maximum energy efficiency to keep your home warm in the winter months.

Hopefully, we have answered many of the questions you have to help you decide how to move forward.

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