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Where traditional casement windows consist of a single window, French casement windows include two side-by-side windows opened from the centre. Just like French doors, there is no vertical post between the windows so that you can enjoy the beauty of your home’s surroundings with no unwanted window obstructions.

With their dual window design, French casement windows are an amazing way to open up your home in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire or beyond. Maximising the cool air intake in the summer and keeping the warm air inside in winter, your home will be cosier than ever. If you would like to know more about French casement windows, contact us today.

Features & Benefits

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Wide Opening Angle

French window’s defining feature is its dual window design that allows for a double opening function. In boiling hot summers, this can be vital to homeowners looking to escape the heat, opening wide to let the cool air come inside. This will help to regulate the temperature of the home, with these french casement windows providing valuable ventilation to keep you cool.

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Choice of Styles

With Fenster Glazing, based in Milton Keynes, you’ll always have the freedom of choice to design your French windows the way you want. Our Liniar supplied profiles allow for a choice of two styles, each providing a different aesthetic. A sculptured suite will create a curved look for your French casement windows for a decorative finish, while our chamfered suite is more in tune with contemporary designs, with a clean finish.

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Secure Design

The safety of your home is one area where you should never compromise. Nothing is more important than keeping your home secure against potential intruders. Our French windows will help provide this for your home, with secure multi point locking mechanisms deterring intruders from attempts at entry. Combined with a durable profile, you can enjoy excellent peace of mind with french casement windows.

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Family Friendly

If you have children, your windows and doors can sometimes be a bit of a worry, particularly if they are young. However, with our French windows, this doesn’t have to be the case. Our French casement windows come with child restrictors that limit the window’s opening angle to prevent a full aperture. This prevents children from being able to open the french casement window, keeping them safe.

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Modern Construction

Many styles of French windows are still constructed using antiquated methods and technology, which can impact the performance. However, the profiles that we use, supplied by Liniar, are much more modern. They were redesigned from scratch in 2007, with the end result being a multi chambered profile that is much more advanced than the majority of French casement windows on the market.

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Classic Style French Casement Windows

Performance is, of course, vital, but you can’t overlook the impact of aesthetics on your French windows. Their design is hundreds of years old and has retained its popularity throughout the centuries. Their unique double window design provides French casement windows with a unique style. If you have a heritage property but still want a great performance, these could be the windows for you.

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Environmentally Friendly Design

Here at Fenster Glazing, based in Milton Keynes, we think it's important to consider the environmental impact. As a home improvements supplier, we have a responsibility to ensure our sources are sustainable. That’s why we work with Liniar for our french windows. Their french casement windows are 100% lead free, keeping the environment safe. Fully recyclable, these windows limit carbon emissions and energy usage.

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Go through our brochure to unpack the finer details of our French casement windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions about our French casement windows. In fact, many have done so in the past. We have put together a list of these questions in order to help answer any that you may have. Feel free to get in contact with us online if you still want to know more.

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