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How To Know When To Replace Windows In Your Home

How To Know When To Replace Windows In Your Home

Fitting new windows to your home your energy bills can be reduced, you can increase natural light and ventilation, and your overall home comfort can improve.

How will you know when it’s the right time for your windows to be replaced?

No matter how good your homes windows are, they will eventually need replacing. 

The average lifespan of a double glazed window is 15 to 20 years. However, the weather, frame material, regular maintenance, and other factors can affect how long they last.

Eventually, the time will come when a simple repair won’t be able to save your windows, and when it does, you should replace them as soon as possible. 

Here are 8 signs that can help you identify when it’s time to replace your windows.

Windows Look Old With Soft, Chipped Or Water Damaged Frames

Major signs that your windows need replacing is when your windows are warping and are rotten, which is common for wooden windows, along with double glazing failure.

It’s not easy to keep wooden frames looking good. As soon as rot is engrained in the wood, stopping the decay and keeping it from coming back will be difficult. 

Trying to keep the window looking good while making sure it can still do its job is a tricky balancing act, and the constant bad weather conditions will make it worse. 

Ignoring the problem will only leave room for the rot to continue growing, creating difficulties with opening and closing the window correctly.

Windows can discolour and warp from heat exposure if made from low quality UPVC. 

Scratches, cracks, chips, condensation, and water leaks may appear when your double glazing starts to fail. 

You may even notice that it’s harder to keep your home to a comfortable temperature.

Energy Bills Are Higher Than Previous Years

The insulation of your home and the amount you spend on energy each month can be affected by inefficient windows.

You’ll use your air conditioning and central heating more because cool air and heat will escape from your property.

Checking the temperature around the windows and comparing it to the room temperature is an easy way to tell if the air is escaping. 

You’ll be able to tell energy is being wasted because the glass will feel cold. You should also check window frame gaps for air to easily escape through them.

Single-paned windows are more likely to leak, and older windows are more likely to be single-paned windows. You can reduce heat loss by installing double glazed windows with low-emissivity and argon gas between the double glazed panes.

Windows Are Difficult (or Impossible) To Open And Close

You may have to leave your home through the window during an emergency. If you cannot open your window, it’s a good reason to replace the window that isn’t functioning correctly.

A window can be tough to open for many reasons: 

Windows painted shut during decorating. While this technique can save time, the window’s functionality is negatively impacted. 

Window frame warping, that frames can experience with heat exposure, can also cause a window to become stuck. 

Generally, as the UPVC window cools, it will contract, but a window that is the wrong size at the installation stage will result in repeated sticking. A shifting home foundation can cause an improper fit of the window frame, leading to sticking. 

You Hear A Lot Of Outside Noise

Many sounds can be heard outdoors, especially in areas where busy roads are present. Installing new modern windows will help to reduce the outside sound levels in your home. 

A window is too old if you can hear sound from the outside with a closed window. A new window will provide the peace and quiet that every homeowner crave.

You Feel A Draft When The Windows Are Closed

The fact that you may spend as much as 25% more on your energy bills to keep your home warm is a reason to think about replacing those drafty windows. 

You may end up paying more on your heating costs if you avoid spending money on fitting new windows to your home. You would save more money with a new window because of the increased energy efficiency compared to old windows.

If the window isn’t shutting correctly, there will be a draft through the window seal. A malfunctioning window lock mechanism can cause an air gap causing a drafty window and reduce your home’s security.

Windows Are Leaking Or Condensation Builds Up On The Glass

One of the main reasons you have windows in your home is to increase sunlight. Moisture and condensation forming on the inside of double glazed windows will reduce light entering your home.

Although a quick wipe can get rid of the condensation, no one wants to do this every time condensation forms. Each time the condensation occurs, the possibility of mould growth increases. 

An improper window installation and worn seals can cause moisture issues. When things get really bad, water will begin pooling inside the window and eventually leak.

It’s better to go with a window replacement rather than a repair job for cases like these, as the cost of repairs can quickly add up with constant window pane and seal failures overtime. Repeat occurrences will lead to you spending more money to keep an old window in a usable state.

You Don’t Have Double Or Triple Glazing

Examine your windows and think about how your room always feels. 

A room that is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter is likely a result of having only single-pane glass windows. 

Old homes usually have single-pane windows and have lower efficiency levels as double glazed windows. Replace the single-pane windows with double glazed windows to give your home a more comfortable feel through better temperatures.

Your Windows Don’t Have The Latest Safety And Security Features

As the decade’s pass, the glazing industry creates new safety regulations. 

Windows glass of the past would shatter into many small pieces, while today’s glass doesn’t. Would you rather have a window that breaks safely or one that creates multiple shards? 

The latest windows have more robust locking mechanisms, with deadlocks through the window frame, along with the tough glass, provide excellent security for your home. 

If you need help deciding whether your home’s windows need replacing, contact us at Fenster Glazing Windows in Milton Keynes.  

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