Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick

Sliding sash windows have had a timeless presence in homes since the 17th century and they look great in places such as Flitwick, Northampton, and beyond! Combining classic looks with modern performance, these time-honoured sliding sash windows offer the perfect upgrade to any home. Featuring the latest security and insulation, as well as superior thermal performance, sliding sash windows are the best way to get the most out of your property. For more information on this traditional sliding sash window design, please get in touch with us today.

Features & benefits

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick


Sliding sash windows from Roseview provide the perfect blend of traditional and modern. The intricate sculptured ovalo detailing provides an authentic wooden window look, and the performance benefits of uPVC windows, without any of the drawbacks. Enjoy heritage-style sliding sash windows with modern performance.

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick


If you currently live in a busy area of Flitwick, or a residence next to a main road, you may be annoyed by the constant sound of noise that disturbs your daily activities. However, you don’t have to put up with this. By investing in modern sliding sash windows, you can benefit from the acoustic insulation they offer to reduce the amount of background noise intruding into your living space. This will result in a more calming and tranquil environment, as well as enable you to enjoy a better quality of sleep.

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick


Our range of uPVC sliding sash windows provides excellent protection against potential intruders. Our range features the latest multi point locking mechanisms, designed to keep your home safe and secure. With the advanced locking and double glazing, you can sleep soundly knowing you, your family, and your property are all safe. In addition to the security benefits, our sliding sash windows also add a stylish twist to your property, as well as advanced insulation and draught proofing.

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick


Fenster Glazing, based in Flitwick, gives homeowners the opportunity to customise the appearance of their sliding sash windows. With a variety of colours to select from, including any RAL colour, their uPVC windows can be tailor-made to fit the customer’s desired aesthetic. As well as being able to pick the colour of their windows, homeowners can also customise the hardware and furniture of the windows to gain a more authentically traditional look.

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick


Our sliding sash windows not only look like traditional timber windows, but they offer an improved level of thermal performance. With an impressive A WER rating, our uPVC windows will help to keep the heat within your home, reducing your need for heating and ultimately creating a more energy efficient and cost effective space. This will be especially beneficial during the winter months when temperatures are lowest, so you can keep your home as warm and cosy as possible.

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick

The Ultimate Rose

The Ultimate Rose sash window is the perfect choice to add a classic, timeless look and feel to any home. Featuring an incredibly slim 35mm midrail, it has a true mechanical joint that gives a solid timber look without the same hassle. It is available in a large selection of attractive textured finishes in order to match any interior design scheme. With its superior build quality, superior insulation and low maintenance requirements, it is the ideal timber alternative for any home.

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick

The Heritage Rose

Heritage Rose sash windows offer homeowners a timeless, classic style, with all the modern benefits that come with it. These sash windows are designed to provide homeowners with high security, keeping their property secure, as well as providing excellent thermal efficiency, reducing the cost of energy bills. With an attractive, classic design, these windows will not only bring a timeless look to any home, but also benefit the homeowner by providing competent security and efficiency.

Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick

The Charisma Rose

The Charisma Rose sliding sash window is an affordable and stylish window solution for any property. Perfect for upgrading existing windows, this model is suited to both new and old properties. It has a chic, contemporary design which will no doubt make a great addition to any interior or exterior design. Practical in its nature, the slim frame provides additional levels of insulation which can help reduce energy bills, and its long edge seals provide increased levels of sound reduction. From the 4-Week Express delivery to the free delivery available, this window is one of the most cost effective on the market while still allowing you to enjoy its many stylish benefits.

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Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick
Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick

Easy Upkeep Sliding Sash Windows

Timber windows have a traditional and attractive look that fits with heritage-style properties. Unfortunately they require a lot of upkeep with weathering, rotting, warping and swelling being common problems that need to be attended to. To combat this, our sliding sash windows are made from modern uPVC but are designed to mimic the traditional look of timber frames. With them you can gain the heritage styling without all the hassle that comes with timber windows.

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Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick

Long Lasting Sash Windows

Our uPVC sliding sash windows provide excellent longevity and are unaffected by weathering and the elements. Such windows boast an estimated lifespan of 30 years or more, providing a reliable and high performing window option for homes in Flitwick and beyond.

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Sliding Sash Windows Flitwick

Finance Options Available

Upgrading your home with sliding sash windows can be a big commitment. To make things easier, we offer finance options across our range of windows and doors. With these flexible options, you can spread the cost of payment over a timeframe that suits you. Take a look at the full range of options we have on offer here.

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