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What Front Doors Provide The Best Security For Your Home

What Front Doors Provide The Best Security For Your Home

There are many reasons why you would choose a new front door for your home. One is to look nice, fit into the look and feel of the rest of your home and make your home look inviting, but one of the most important reasons is to increase your home security.

When you’re looking for a front door for security, you need to consider three main areas: the doors material, the locking system and the type of glass used in the door.

This article helps to explain front doors that provide the best security for your home.

What Is A Security Door

A security door is known as a door of enhanced security and is classified under the British standards (BS) Kitemark PAS 24-1. This British standard stipulates that the door is to be at least 44 mm thick and may contain metal plates around the doors lock, and a peephole so you can see who is at the front door.

Front doors should have five-lever mortise locks manufactured to Kitemark BS 3621 that can only be opened using keys. To provide maximum strength, the doors locking mechanism needs to protrude into the walls around the door.

Secure front doors are available in various types of materials, including wood, UPVC, composite and aluminium.

Wooden Doors

Using wood for your front door has to be made from heavy solid hardwood that is a minimum of 44 mm thick.

Installing a wood front door is a very secure material, and some would consider wood is the most aesthetically pleasing, however, it does have a few drawbacks.

Wooden front doors can be the most expensive due to the material cost and fitting, less energy-efficient than other door materials, and needs to be frequently maintained.

UPVC Doors

UPVC doors have become extremely popular throughout the UK with homeowners due to the benefits and the lower price than other materials.

UPVC doors provide good security for your home due to their multi-locking mechanism that makes the whole door secure. When locking a UPVC door, you lift the handle to activate several deadlocks.

UPVC doors are low maintenance, with a typical life of around 10 to 15 years. As new technology advances, UPVC is a great option to make your home secure and make the front of your house look great.

Composite Doors

A Composite door comprises several materials such as wood, aluminium, glass-reinforced plastic and insulating foam. The combination of different materials makes a composite door a great choice to help secure your home.

A composite door is also an extremely weather-resistant, durable choice, along with being low maintenance.

There are typically two types of composite doors:

GRP composite doors are typically 44 mm thick and a glass-reinforced polyester door, constructed with high-density polyurethane foam with a timber subframe

Timber Core Composite Doors are typically 48 mm thick and have an ABS thermoplastic skin with a timber core composite.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium has the benefits of being lightweight, flexible and robust. One of the benefits of an aluminium front door is that it can be made 30% bigger than a composite door, which provides a greater amount of security.

When you pair an aluminium door with an aluminium frame and a high-security lock, it provides a highly secure door for your home.

One downside is that the aluminium door frame will rust if it’s not maintained, making the door weaker over time. Another downside is that aluminium doors are not as energy-efficient as other doors.

Are Glass Front Doors Secure?

It depends in many ways. There are two main glass issues, glass can be broken and removed from the door frame.

Any small windows around the door handle area can be broken, and by reaching inside the property, the door lock can be opened.

One way to make glass doors more secure and stop them from being lifted out of the frame is by fitting the glass beading on the inside. If you want windows in the door or around the vicinity of the door, ensure you fit reinforced or toughened glass.

Other Security Features To Consider

There are other features that you can consider when fitting a front door to maintain security:

Add A Door Chain To The Door

With a door chain installed on the door (and being used) the door chain only allows you to open the door partially. This provides an extra layer of security when someone comes to the door and you need to speak to them.

Fit A Letterbox Basket

If the doors letterbox can easily be removed, then this leaves a big hole in the door. Consider fitting a letterbox basket to the inside of the letterbox. In that case.

The letterbox basket will prevent people from putting untoward things through your letterbox or even been able to reach the lock to unlock your door, although the letterbox should not be any closer than 40 cm to the door locks.

Fit A Five Lever Mortise Deadlock To Your Door

Five lever mortise deadlocks can only be opened with a key from either side, whilst most traditional locks can be opened without a key. Furthermore, the deadlocks can’t be open unless you unlock the door with the key or the door handle is turned.

Adding A Peephole To See Who Is At The Front Door

If you do not have windows in or around the door to see who is at the front door, then adding a peephole gives you that extra security to see who’s at the front door before opening it.

Our Final Words

Most of today’s front door designs and types provide a good security level, from the material the doors made of to the locking mechanism.

However, if security is a priority to you, we hope this article has provided useful information to increase your front door’s security.

If you need any help or have any questions on fitting a front door, please do not hesitate to contact us at Fenster Glazing.

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