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Fenster Glazing is proud to provide premium window installations across the Midlands, servicing areas like Milton Keynes, Northampton, Ampthill, Toddington, Leighton Buzzard, Buckinghamshire, and the surrounding Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas.

Performing regular cleaning and window maintenance tasks will not only maintain the aesthetic appeal of your frames but also their functionality and durability. 

Here are our expert tips for keeping your window profiles in tip-top shape. 

double glazing maintenance

Window Maintenance for Double Glazing:

Cleaning your double glazing windows couldn’t be easier. At least twice a year, thoroughly clean your windows using a soft cloth, a mixture of water and soap, or a window cleaning solution.

For most window maintenance, we recommend using a soft cloth because it’s gentle on the glass. Please refrain from using abrasive creams, steel wool, or razor blades, as they can cause damage to your window that could affect its protective properties.

If you happen to get any paint or ink splatters on your double glazing, just remove them using warm, soapy water for water-based emulsions, such as acrylic paint, or white spirit for spirit-based paints. The paint should lift right off and not leave behind any stain for future window maintenance.

Sometimes small water droplets can gather on the surface of your new windows. This is completely normal. We encourage our customers to understand that condensation is a natural occurrence that can be managed by enhancing ventilation in the area.

window profile maintenance

Window Maintenance for Frames and Profiles:

UPVC and aluminium frames need window maintenance on a regular basis, but if you happen to live in an urban or coastal area, you may need to clean them more frequently. Salt, air pollution, or dust can stick to the surface and obscure your view.

Luckily, all you need is warm, soapy water, and you'll be able to clean your aluminium and uPVC frames effectively. Just wipe across the profile material to collect any dust or debris that’s settled there and safely remove it.

Because you’re cleaning a material other than glass, please avoid employing glass cleaners, caustic or ammonia-based products, and abrasive cleaners when doing window maintenance. Those products are only designed to clean glass and can be ineffective or harmful to uPVC or aluminium.

If you do find that you have persistent stains on your uPVC frames, you can use specialised creams designed to lift stains from uPVC. For stubborn stains on aluminium, just use some gentle scrubbing to loosen and lift whatever is causing the stain.

window hardware cleaning

Window Maintenance for Accessories:

Our windows come with plenty of accessories, like specialised handles and hinges, that blend seamlessly with the aesthetic of your home.

To keep these parts in their best shape, simply clean and polish the hardware when you clean the double glazing and overall window frame. Doing window maintenance all at once will make the whole process easier, as it needs to be done at least twice a year.

Most of our accessories can be cleaned with warm, soapy water. However, for stainless steel hardware, we suggest that you use a specialty stainless steel cleaning product for regular upkeep.

After cleaning, it’s important to lubricate locks, hinges, and other movable components with light machine oil. This will help the accessories last longer, avoid daily wear and tear, and prevent any unwanted squeaks from the hinges.

We’d also advise you to kindly avoid using strong cleaning products on these moveable accessories when doing window maintenance, as that could potentially harm the hardware.

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Window maintenance is an important part of lengthening the life of your double glazing windows. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that your windows remain in optimal condition and provide long-lasting performance for years to come. 

If you’d like to learn more about window maintenance, double glazing, window profiles, or any of the other products we install at Fenster Glazing, then get in touch! 

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