Aluminium Doors Northampton

At Fenster Glazing, we manufacture a wide range of aluminium doors for your Northampton home. Aluminium doors are ideal for your home because they will bring plenty of natural light, resulting in a welcoming space. The doors themselves offer benefits, including extra security protection. The doors include Livius security systems as standard, which are very strong. All of the profile cylinders are anti bump and drill protected, which will prevent the doors from being forced open. You can also take advantage of the alternative unlocking systems we offer, such as the Ekey dLine fingerscaner or the Ekey digital keypad. These systems will give you unlimited protection that meets tomorrow’s needs, so you will get keyless entry, convenient remote opening, and automatic push notifications. As a result, you can have complete peace of mind that no one will be able to break into your home. You will also get the standard FLO1 KFV AS 2600 multi point locking system, the FLO2 KFV AS 3600 automatic locking with day opener, and the FLO3 KFV AS 3600 part motorised locking on all entry systems.


The aluminium doors are customised bespoke to your needs with plenty of finishing materials for you to choose from. This includes aluminium colours such as a polyester RAL smooth coated matte finish. You can also choose from satin and gloss finishes too, which are 70 microns high for maximum durability. We also offer FCX (Festa Structured TeXtured), which is a textured polyester powder. Here, you can choose from many different colours, including blue, green, grey, red, yellow, and white. You also have the option of a stone veneer finish on some models or even some décor finishes, which have an acrylic PUR-RESIN outer skin to keep you protected against the weather. To find out more, get in touch and see what finance options  we have to offer. 




Features & Benefits

Aluminium Doors Northampton

Save on Space

You can save on plenty of space when it comes to our aluminium doors. This is because the door glass units are triple glazed with a 66.5 mm sightline. This will give you stunning panoramic views, along with a low threshold that allows for easy access and outstanding weather performance.

Aluminium Doors Northampton

Contemporary Aesthetics

Your door will also benefit from contemporary aesthetics, which will enhance its performance. You will benefit from the door being fitted by 3 level EDPM seals in black as standard and a PU foam filled panel, which includes a 3mm internal and external skin. The side panel is 6.4mm laminated and filled with argon, which leads to low emissions and is better for the environment. The door even comes with an 88.5mm aluminium frame with mechanical corner joints, mullions, and transoms, which will enhance the profile of your door.

We also offer a selection of different glass styles at your request too, including Clear, Parasol Grey, Parasol Bronze, and Etched Stripes.

Aluminium Doors Northampton


Your doors are very flexible as well because you can choose which direction you want them to go in. There are many different configurations to consider, including a double door with a toplight or even a single door with a toplight and two sightlights. The possibilities are infinite, so you can build your ideal door to your specifications.

Aluminium Doors Northampton

Excellent Thermal Performance

Your aluminium doors are ideal for your home because the double glazing that comes with them boasts exceptionally low heat values. The door glass unit and the side glass unit both have centre pane U Values of 0.6 W/m2K, which will keep natural heat inside your home. A great benefit of these doors, are that they can provide excellent amount of sound insulation. They can reduce sounds up to 44dB. It has been tested by the Airbourne sound insulation standard, so you can enjoy plenty of privacy.

Aluminium Doors Northampton

Multi Point Locking

Your doors are very secure because they are bolstered by the use of our high quality multi point locking systems. These include the FLO1 KFV AS 2600 multi point locking system as standard and the Ekey dLine finger scanner and digital keypad. Feel confident that you can keep your home much more secure. Our doors are also anti bump with pick and drill protection, which will prevent forced opening. They are fitted with anti snap and anti drill cylinders which have been rigorously tested as standard.

Aluminium Doors Northampton

Weatherproof Aluminium Doors

Your Northampton home is protected and secure with our weatherproof aluminium doors. The doors include a drip bar for higher weather tightness, and all the doors are fitted with 3 level EDPM seals and a low threshold for weather tightness. These doors are also very watertight because they have an air permeability of Class 4, while the water tightness is class 5A. The low threshold option stops water from coming through.

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Aluminium Doors Northampton

Uninterrupted Views

Our doors has very slim sightlines, This is because the single doors have a 66.5mm sightline, while doors with sidelights and toplights have a 74.5mm sightline, which brings uninterrupted views of your garden. In addition to this, you can benefit from a polyamide thermal break, reinforced with a glass fibre and PU insulated chamber.

Our Aluminium Doors Brochure

Take a look through our aluminium doors brochure for even more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our staff, based in Milton Keynes, welcome questions from customers. To make the process easier, we have compiled a list of the most common aluminium doors questions. If you still need more information, feel free to get in touch with us online or over the phone.

What accreditation do you have?

You can trust the quality of our products. We are approved by top UK authority FENSA. This ensures a great benchmark of thermal efficiency from our aluminium doors.

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