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If you are looking for a composite door for your Stevenage home, then at Fenster, we have plenty of options for you. Composite doors provide excellent strength and durability because they are made from a combination of aluminium and uPVC. It is also fitted with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and a solid foam core that helps ward off intruders.

Our composite doors are supplied by Liniar, which offers a wide range of designs and colours. In fact, you can even personalise the doors to however you want them to look. You can get the profiles chamfered or sculptured, while they are suitable with 44mm and 48mm composite door slabs. This gives you plenty of versatility. You can even add a splash of colour as you can choose many options, including 7016 Woodgrain, Irish Oak, Black, and Chartwell Green.


The doors themselves will offer excellent energy efficiency and very low U Values, which will help trap natural heat inside your home. You can feel confident that you will stay warmer for a very long time. You can enjoy your composite doors in your Stevenage home because they will give you exceptional thermal efficiency levels. This will help you and the environment. If you want to find out more about our composite doors, get in touch with us today.


Features & Benefits

Secure Composite Doors Stevenage

Unrivalled Strength

When you consider a brand new composite door, you will benefit from its unrivalled strength and benefits. The doors use a GRP construction which is robust and prevents intruders from breaking into your home. The secure multi point locking systems will protect you against even the most modern burglary techniques. You and your loved ones can be kept safe for much longer.

Secure Composite Doors

Secured by Design

At Fenster, your composite door is very secure and keeps you safe. We are accredited by Secured by Design, which is the Police’s official initiative which helps to improve the security of buildings and ensures that they are safe to live in. Many of the composite doors that we provide are Secured by Design protected, so you can be sure that they are both robust and durable.


A composite door’s tough exterior is perfect for increasing your home’s market value because potential buyers and visitors will be impressed by its security. You can trust your composite door to keep you safe and protected against criminals.

Secure Wooden Composite Doors

Timber Style

Your composite door is made from a timber finish, meaning that while it retains the looks of timber, it will perform much better and last longer. We have many different woodgrain finishes and foils to choose from, which can help you enjoy both a modern performance and classic style.




GRP Construction

GRP Construction

One of the benefits that help your composite door stand out is the GRP construction that comes with your front door. Liniar has a multi chambered uPVC profile which will stand firm against any weather conditions, making it more energy efficient than other suppliers. The doors have an energy efficiency rating of A + and come s with cost effective double glazing as standard.


The uPVC that is used to make your composite door is lead free and recyclable, so you can benefit from reducing your carbon footprint and saving the environment. The GRP has a high resistance to weathering, so the door will be able to battle strong in tough conditions.

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation

Your composite door is not just a good heat insulator, but it will also trap loud noises from outside. This means if your neighbourhood is very loud or if you live by a busy road, then all these sounds can be reduced to a quiet hush. The doors can reduce sounds up to 31dB, letting you enjoy more privacy in the long run.

Composite Doors

Low Maintenance Composite Doors

Your composite doors can resist hard knocks and tough weather conditions. They are very easy to clean, leading to a durable and long lasting profile. You can enjoy the look of timber with the strength of uPVC. Keep your home safe and secure with one of our composite doors. They will give you a modern [performance that will last for many years. The doors themselves can handle tough conditions, and they are very easy to clean as well. The only thing you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth, and they will look in pristine condition.

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Composite Front Doors

Weatherproof Composite Front Doors

The doors are resistant to the tough Stevenage weather conditions. This is because the insulation foam core provides a higher resilience to bad weather and won’t rust, warp, or fade in the long run. Unlike a seasoned door, it won’t react to adverse conditions.

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Our Composite Doors Brochure

Read through our composite doors brochure for all the technical specifications you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about our composite doors, our frequently asked questions section might be able to help. We have compiled a list of previous questions regarding our composite front doors. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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