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If you’re looking for a composite door for your Hitchin home, Fenster has a wide selection for you to choose from. Composite doors provide exceptional strength and durability since they are made of a combination of aluminium and uPVC. In order to help discourage intruders, it also contains a sturdy foam core and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

Our composite doors are supplied by Liniar, which offers a wide variety of patterns and colours. Furthermore, you can alter the doors’ appearance however you like. The profiles can be chamfered or sculptured, and they fit 44mm and 48mm thick composite door slabs. Because of this, you have a tonne of versatility. You can also add a little colour as you can choose from several varieties, including 7016 Woodgrain, Irish Oak, Black, and Chartwell Green.

Your composite doors offer outstanding energy efficiency because they will trap natural heat inside your home. You can be confident that you will stay warmer for a very long period. This will make it more comfortable for both you and your family.

Features & Benefits

Composite Doors Hitchin

Unrivalled Strength

With a new composite door, you will have increased benefits and extra sturdiness. Intruders are prevented from entering your home since the doors are made of high-performance, sturdy GRP material. The dependable multi-point locking mechanisms will prevent you from being the victim of even the most sophisticated burglary tactics. You can extend the amount of time that you and your loved ones are protected.

Composite Doors Hitchin

Secured by Design

Your Fenster composite door is very secure and will keep you safe. We are accredited by Secured by Design, which is a police backed initiative that helps keep your home more protected. Given that many of the composite doors we provide are Secured by Design protected, you can be confident in their durability and strength.

A composite door’s sturdy appearance will increase the market value of your home because it will impress potential buyers and visitors with its security. Your composite door will protect you from intruders and keep you safe.

Composite Doors Prices Hitchin

Timber Style

Your composite door will perform substantially better and last longer while still having a wood-like appearance because of its wooden finish. Our selection of woodgrain foils and finishes enables you to enjoy both a contemporary performance and a timeless look.



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GRP Construction

One of the things that sets your composite door apart is the GRP structure that is included with your front door. In contrast to other suppliers, Liniar provides a multi-chambered uPVC profile that can withstand any weather. The doors come with affordable double glazing as a standard feature and are certified A+ for energy efficiency.

Because the uPVC used to make your composite door is lead-free and recyclable, you can benefit from reducing your carbon footprint and environmental protection. The GRP has a strong resistance to weathering, meaning the door will be able to fight hard in trying conditions.

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Acoustic Insulation

In addition to being a good heat insulator, your composite door will dampen harsh noises from the outside. If you live in a noisy neighbourhood or close to a busy road, your new composite door can help block out all of these noises. The acoustic insulation lowers noise by up 31dB, increasing your home privacy and ambience.

Low Maintenance Composite Doors

Low Maintenance Composite Doors

Your new composite door can survive harsh weather conditions and powerful impacts. While you can enjoy the elegant appearance of a wood finish, you can be secure knowing they have the strength of uPVC. They're durable, with a strong profile that resists extreme conditions and are very easy to clean. To keep them pristine, all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth. To keep your home safe and secure, use one of our composite doors.

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Weatherproof Composite Front Doors

Weatherproof Composite Front Doors

The doors can endure Hitchin's harsh weather. This is because the insulating foam core has better long-term resistance to weather-related damage because it doesn't rust, warp, or fade. Additionally, the weather seals will help your home stay warmer for a long time.

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Our Composite Doors Brochure

Read through our composite doors brochure for all the technical specifications you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about our composite doors, our frequently asked questions section might be able to help. We have compiled a list of previous questions regarding our composite front doors. Otherwise, feel free to get in touch with us anytime.

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