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When you are looking at a brand new window for your Hitchin home, a flush casement window could be an ideal choice for you. Flush casement windows are designed to sit exactly within the frame, creating a flat, seamless surface on the outside. Flush casement windows are ideal because they let plenty of natural light in your home through the advanced double glazing. They are also thermally efficient so you will save plenty of money on your heating bills.

At Fenster, our windows are provided by Liniar, which means there are plenty of glazing options for homeowners in Hitchin to consider. All the windows can be made bespoke to your needs and tailored to individual specifications. What’s more, the uPVC casement windows that Fenster offers are exceptional at reducing your heating bills. They are rated A + for energy efficiency and include cost effective double glazing. The windows can even accommodate triple glazing as well, with U Values as low as 0.8 W /m2K, which traps natural heat indoors while cold air gets left outside. Enjoy these windows all year round.

The colours we offer are bespoke to each individual requirement. We offer colours that are both sculptured and chamfered, so each person gets a personalised choice that suits them. You can choose from 7016 Woodgrain, Irish Oak, or Rosewood. The possibilities are up to you. A sculptured frame will offer a decorative finish, while a chamfered frame is designed for a sleek, contemporary look. To find out more, get in touch today.

Features & Benefits

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Flush Fit Profile

Flush casement windows fir flush within the window frame, giving a simple and elegant result. They will get natural light as a result of their restricted sightlines. They are quite exquisite and enhance the decor of your home beautifully. They also come in a range of configurations, including 70mm profiles with chamfered or sculptured edges and either 28mm or 36mm triple glazing. The choice is up to you!

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Fully Weatherproof

The waterproof nature of each of our flush casement windows allows them to resist any difficulties that Hitchin’s weather may bring. This is because no matter if it rains or snows, your windows’ high level of security will help you fight against it. These bubble gaskets, which Liniar offers, allow for dual action. This offers a reliable weather seal that maintains the windows’ air tightness and water tightness, preventing leaks. This will allow you to stay warm and dry for longer.

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Family Friendly

Our child-friendly security features make our uPVC Flush Casement windows perfect for families. The child restrictor features are designed to limit the opening of the windows, to keep little ones safe but also allowing you to ventilate your home. Moreover, the sturdy uPVC profile offers impressive resistance to intruders, withstanding blows and preventing the use of instruments like crowbars.

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A+ Energy Rating

Due to the exceptional energy efficiency of uPVC flush casement windows, you can be confident that they will keep warm air inside your house and cold air outside. Energy conservation is more important than ever due to rising energy prices. Beading may be present on the inside or outside of the windows. Although the Liniar Energy Plus 6 chamber profile offers energy efficiency that is A + recognised, Liniar’s standard four chamber profile still offers the maximum level of energy efficiency. You are solely responsible for your choice. The energy efficiency ratings start at 0.8W/m2K, so you can save a lot of energy and money.

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Ultra Slim Sightlines

Flush casement windows offer a modern, minimalist look with their minimal sightlines. The ultra slim sightlines emphasise the glass portion of the uPVC windows and allow the natural light to shine through. This will help improve the atmosphere of your home and can make it look more spacious.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

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Low Maintenance Flush Casement Windows

Your windows will be very low maintenance because all you have to do is wipe them with a cloth and soapy water. This way, it will look brand new. Your modern double-glazed windows won't rot, distort, or fade either in bad conditions. If you care for them frequently, the windows will stay looking pristine for a long time.

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Advanced Security

The child protection locks that are fitted in uPVC windows will give you and your family extra peace of mind. You and your children will be kept safer. Additionally, there are many adjustable handles available that have a firm grip, making it difficult for intruders to break in.

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