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If you live in the area of Flitwick or Buckinghamshire, then you may be seeking a stylish uPVC door to give your home an eye-catching facelift. Our selection of uPVC doors is second to none and offers you the opportunity to choose from an array of styles and designs that are sure to impress. Furthermore, uPVC doors are renowned for their amazing thermal insulation, meaning that you can enjoy a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home for years to come. Advanced woodgrain foils have even been applied to replicate a classic timber look, but without the added maintenance that natural wood demands. You can get all of the charm and character without any of the hassle! We are always here to answer any of your questions, and we can also provide details on available finance options if you’d like to spread the cost of your uPVC door installation.

Features & Benefits

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Versatile Style

Flitwick homeowners can experience the benefits of uPVC doors without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal. With our user-friendly online design tool, you can create a stunning double glazed uPVC door that meets all of your performance and style requirements. From contemporary to traditional, we offer a wide range of design choices to ensure you find the perfect front door to elevate your home’s look and feel. With uPVC doors, Flitwick homeowners can easily find a door that fits not just their budget but also their style.

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Naturally Insulating

uPVC doors are the perfect choice for any home in the Flitwick area. As the winter months approach, their energy-efficient design stands out against other materials, not only keeping you warm but helping to prevent energy bills from escalating. The addition of an uPVC door in your home will result in a reduced need for heating and, ultimately, lower costs.

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Weatherproof Profile

It is common knowledge that the United Kingdom experiences many rainy days throughout the year, which can result in damage to older materials, particularly wooden window frames. To tackle this problem, we offer bespoke uPVC doors with Liniar profile that have built-in bubble gaskets. These doors can protect your home against the weather, as their design prevents water and draughts from entering the property, thus creating a well-regulated temperature inside. In addition, you can benefit from excellent weatherproofing due to the layered gaskets which seal off the front of your home.

Low Threshold uPVC doors

Low Threshold Options

Our uPVC door solutions have a low threshold, which can make transitioning into the property easier, improve access for the elderly and disabled, and remove potential trip hazards for guests. These low thresholds also improve the overall look of the uPVC doors, making your Flitwick home more aesthetically pleasing. Getting rid of the standard threshold is an excellent way to enhance usability and accessibility in your property.

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Woodgrain Foils

If you prefer a more traditional style for your property, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for aesthetics. Our woodgrain foils offer a classic look with modern performance, coming in a range of colors like lighter beiges, golden oaks, and more. Installing a uPVC front door gives you the added benefit of insulation and durability.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

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Hassle Free uPVC Doors

Installing uPVC doors in your home is a hassle-free experience. They require no maintenance or cleaning, and are built to withstand all weather conditions so you don't have to worry about upkeep. Enjoy your new home improvements worry-free, knowing they will perform to your expectations.

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Environmentally Friendly Entrance Doors

Choose Fenster Glazing for home improvements that are as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Our uPVC doors have been made with Liniar profiles to minimize their effect on the environment. The frames of these doors are completely sustainable and can be recycled, helping to reduce waste and safeguard the planet's resources. Shop with confidence knowing you're making a purchase that is in line with nature, thanks to Fenster Glazing.

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SureFlap Cat Flaps

SureFlap Cat Flaps

If you own a furry feline, SureFlap cat flaps could be the perfect addition to your uPVC door. Unlike standard cat flaps, our SureFlap will open only when it recognises the microchip in your kitty's collar. This not only offers up secure access to your home in Flitwick, but also prevents unauthorised entry attempts. Your pet will be free to come and go, while keeping your house safe.

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Our uPVC Doors Brochure

Browse our uPVC doors brochure for all of our style options and technical information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding our uPVC doors? That’s ok! We’re no strangers to questions here at Fenster Glazing and are happy to answer any you may have. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common questions here to help answer any queries you may have.

What accreditations do you have?

Accreditations are a good sign of quality and customer service for a fenestration and glazing company. We have the full backing of FENSA, ensuring our home improvements are up to scratch.

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We welcome our homeowners to get in touch with us either over the phone or by email anytime. With our expert help and advice, you could develop the perfect home improvements to suit your property's style. Talk to some of our friendly staff today!

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Fenster Glazing offer a range of finance options for customers. These flexible payment options will allow you to spread the cost of your new home improvements over a time frame that suits you. Take a look at our full range of offers to find the plan for you.

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