Casement Windows Ampthill

Casement windows are an ideal addition to homes in Ampthill for both their looks and practicality. Not only do they add an aesthetically pleasing feature to any space, but also reduce energy costs by conserving natural heat and reducing the need for additional heating systems. This markedly increases the energy efficiency of your home, by ensuring that less heat is wasted through your windows. Moreover, the energy saving properties of casement windows help to care for the environment by minimising resources required to heat your home. Contact us for more information.


Features & Benefits

Casement Windows Ampthill

Precise Fit Profile

The snug, high quality installation of your Ampthill home’s windows provides superior energy efficiency. By positioning the windows well secured within the frame, casement windows can prevent common window ailments, such as excessive draughts and condensation, all while insulating your home more effectively. You can even choose from a range of sizes, including 70mm sculptured or chamfered profiles and 28mm or 36mm triple glazing. These glazing options serve to further improve insulation and make the most of your property’s energy saving potential.


Casement Windows Ampthill

Weatherproof Design

Our casement windows are made of modern uPVC. This material is highly durable and easy to keep in good condition.In addition, uPVC is resistant to any harsh weather encountered in Ampthill, as the material won’t rust, warp or fade.  The uPVC casement window is the perfect choice to keep your home safe and secure while providing money-saving thermal benefits. Fenster’s high quality construction is completely waterproof and able to resist the elements, ensuring your home is kept warm, comfortable and protected. 





Casement Windows Ampthill

Family Friendly

In addition to the myriad of quality and energy saving benefits, our uPVC casement windows offer parents, caregivers, and other family members peace of mind. With their child-friendly restrictors and safer mechanisms, you can trust that Fenster casement windows will be easier and safer to operate. Each casement window is designed to minimise potential finger entrapment, ensuring that young children remain safe during window operation. Fenster is committed to ensuring the safety of their products, so that all members of the family can feel safe at home. 

Casement Windows Ampthill

A+ Energy Rating

The energy efficiency of your casement windows will have a lasting effect on the temperature of your Ampthill home. The casement windows installed by Fenster are supplied by Liniar, a trusted brand with A+ ratings for energy efficiency. Combined with double glazing, Fenster casement windows feature a heat-retaining multi-chambered profile, allowing you to save money on energy bills while also ensuring comfort and warmth throughout the winter. Upgrading to triple glazing can grant your property U Values as low as 0.8 W/m2K, putting even more money back into your pocket.

Casement Windows Ampthill

Ultra Slim Sightlines

The uPVC casement windows are ideal for any Ampthill home. These windows feature narrow sightlines, allowing for a more organic connection between your home and garden. Moreover, these design choices are sure to let plenty of natural light into your home, maintaining a light and airy atmosphere. With these windows, you won’t have to sacrifice style for efficiency.

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Casement Windows Ampthill

Low Maintenance Casement Windows

These casement windows are also low maintenance and simple to clean. As a result, your windows will remain secure, effective and aesthetically pleasing for longer. All these windows require is a wipe down with a moist cloth- no expensive cleaning methods. With once monthly cleaning, you can keep your casement windows looking brand new.

The casement windows offered by Fenster are supplied by Liniar. The uPVC casement window offers superior protection from the elements for your Ampthill home. These windows feature a double action bubble gasket, which provides an uninterrupted seal for the corners. This feature ensures that the windows remain leak free for an extended period of time, as well as staying cleaner for longer. With Liniar uPVC windows, your home is well protected from the outside elements, while looking good as new.

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Casement Windows Ampthill

Security Protected uPVC Windows

Fenster is committed to offering the best security for your home in Ampthill. Casement windows provide added security, as their design prevents easy access from the outside and provides additional reinforcement, should a stronger entry method be attempted. uPVC casement windows are not only a great choice for durability, but their reinforced glass gives you greater privacy, and the variety of anti-burglar handles available can give you extra peace of mind. We take pride in making sure our clients feel safe and secure within their homes, with levels of privacy and protection that helps them to feel the most comfortable.

Our Casement Windows Brochure

We welcome any additional questions surrounding our casement windows. For more information, please refer to our casement windows brochure or the frequently asked questions down below.

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Accreditations are a good sign of quality and ensure a benchmark of thermal efficiency. Being FENSA accredited, our windows and doors can help keep your home warmer in winter months.

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